Forming Strong Bonds With Your Sugar Glider

Cat and dog owners would agree that it’s a breeze to get along with their fur buddies. Forming strong bonds with pets is the core of any pet-owner relationship. However, bonding with pets is not such an easy feat, especially with exotic ones who require different care and attention. Exotic pet owners should take note of a few tips to develop that special bond with their sugar glider.

Sugar gliders are tiny pocket-sized creatures. In fact, owners can carry them around in their pouches with some extra precautionary measures in place. It might take a while for the sugar gliders to feel cozy inside the pouch and might even attempt to escape a few times. Therefore, until such time, owners should secure the pouch with safety pins. A useful tip is to carry them close to you and allow them to get familiar with your scent. Aside from this, placing your own sock or shirt in the pouch and box is another technique you could also use to allow the sugar glider to recognize your scent. 

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