How Long Should A Dog Stay Inside His Crate ?

If you're starting to crate train your dog, remember that the duration should be one hour for every month of age, with 9-10 hours maximum. For example, if your dog is still three months old, it should stay inside the crate only for 3 hours. Owners should make sure that your fur baby still enjoys physical activity for at least an hour before and after confinement. And if you're a busy fur parent, it is suggested to hire a walker to take your baby on leash walks instead. This is an important activity to do so that your dog would still have the time to exercise, and most of all, not feel rejected and punished. 

Please take note that your dog must have adjusted for a duration of time before leaving him for a longer time duration. Leaving your dog inside the crate for an extended period instantly causes stress, anxiety, and panic that may lead to severe damage to its well-being.

Sudden changes in your pet’s behavior should require an appointment with your animal hospital Newmarket ON


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