Do Kittens And Adult Cats Have Similar Nutritional Needs?

Do you think your beloved kitten is growing so fast and eating a lot these days? Your beloved kitten is likely undergoing a growth period which usually happens when the kitten is right at its first several weeks of life. This is the period when there is a surge in terms of activity as well as growth, and so the energy requirements are subsequently higher (in fact, it's about three times the energy needs of adult cats at this point). It would be impossible to meet all the energy needs of such a growing kitten with just one meal, so you need to keep your beloved furry feline friend fed well several times a day (3 to 4 times or more) with smaller, equal meals. The nutritional needs, in terms of protein as well as minerals, are much higher for kittens compared to adult cats. Meanwhile, the needs are similar when it comes to vitamins, fats, as well as fatty acids. 

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