Multi-Pet Households - Why Is There A Need To Create A Dog-Free Zone For Your Kitty?

Dogs are known to be playful and active animals, while cats are famous for being quiet and a snob. They are opposites of each other. If not all the time, a dog's presence is often too much for your pet cat. It is suggested to allow your cats to breathe and have a dog-free zone once in a while. Pet owners must value their cats' overall well-being since they get stressed and anxious from the clingy and all-over-the-place dog's personality.

Multi-pet owners can create a dog-free area by separating their pets' spaces using a baby gate. However, baby gates available in the market are kind of expensive. Teaching your cat to be crate-trained is the most feasible solution; make sure that when he/she is enjoying its 'me-time,' cat food and water supply, as well as cat toys, blankets, litter box, should be made available.

Consult with your vet Sarasota, FL if you have any questions and concerns about your pet’s health and well-being. 


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