Why Do Pets Need Crate Training ?

Crate training is necessary for making pets get used inside crates. With proper training, guidance, and positive reinforcements, pets will learn to relax, adjust, and love the kennel until they see it as their safe place and happy to be there when needed. Crate training is also a tool for house-training. Limit pets access to the house until they learn all the house rules such as what he can chew on and what’s not, and where he can or can’t eliminate. They will also learn how to control bladder and bowel movements. It takes time and effort to crate train pets, but it can be beneficial to both parents and pets. A pet inside a crate while on travel ensures safety for all. Pet owners can bring their pets in a crate to places where they are not permitted to run freely, to a vet clinic, or a groomer, and evacuated if needed. To prevent pets from getting into trouble when they are alone, they are in a crate for security. Remember, a pet should see and feel crates as a pleasant and secure place.

If you have concerns about your pet’s health and/or behavior, call your vet Marion IA area


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