Grooming Tips For Dogs

Having a regular grooming routine is an important way to minimize shedding in dogs. Regular brushing keeps a dog’s hair coat clean and free from matted hair. This is also a good way to reduce the possibility of infestation by fleas and other external parasites. Finding the right brush and other grooming tools can help make the task easier and less of a hassle.

Nail trimming

When toenails are maintained at an appropriate length, it prevents them from cracking and tearing. Toenails that are damaged and are not kept clean can become favorable grounds for infection and other health issues. 

Dogs need to have their toenails trimmed at to prevent them from cracking and tearing. Damage toenails are an invitation for infection and other health problems. Providing lots of opportunities for exercise sun as running or walking on rough surfaces can also help wear down a dog’s nails naturally. Getting your puppy used to the procedure while he is still very young can help make the task easier.

You can also ask your veterinarian Lafayette, LA to show you how to clip your pet’s nails.


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