Clumping Litters

Clumping litter is widely used by cat owners because of its effectiveness in controlling the odor of their pet’s litter boxes.  Although the price is higher than the granulated clay litter, it is more preferred to fix problems of litter odors, easily scooped, conserving litter, and keeping the box cleaner. Clumping litter forms into a hardball when gets wet making it easy to clean cats' waste. It is available in scented, non-scented, hypoallergenic, medium-sized and fine particles, low-tracking, dust-free, and fast-forming formulas that can be cement-like form to stop the litter from losing their shape when cat treads on them. Hard litter clumps should not be flushed down to the drain and must be disposed of properly. Always keep in mind when buying a cat litter, consider the pet’s preference to prevent litter box problems. Some cats prefer the non-scented ones to the scented ones. Make litter boxes as cat-friendly as possible.

Any changes in your pet’s litter box habits should warrant an appointment with your veterinarian Dahlonega GA.


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