Should You Choose a Harness or Collar For Your Pet?

Are you thinking of buying a dog harness or a collar? There are dog owners that prefer to put harness as well as a collar on their respective dogs at the same time, thinking that putting both simultaneously will make it a lot safer and give more control over their respective dogs. The question is: for those dog owners doing this, where do they attach the leash: on the collar or the dog harness?

If you decide to put the leash on to the collar, there is a tendency for the dog to get choked, or worse, injured (in the neck area; there are delicate tissues in that area) if the dog is fond of pulling or doing lunges especially during the leash walks. As a pet owner, you might think that using a collar and a leash will dissuade a dog from pulling or lunging but that is really not the case. Because of this, it's better to attach the leash on the harness.

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