Hot Spots on Dogs

Did you know that hot spots is a term used to describe areas on your dog’s skin that are extremely sensitive, irritated, or just simply itchy? If you’ve noticed that your dog has been constantly chewing at an area of his leg, tail, etc. then give your vet a call. Scratching and itching can be due to a number of things. For instance, your dog may be biting at a flea or tick. If that’s not it then your dog may have a hot spot. Typically hot spots appear or form when your dog starts biting, scratching, or licking at an area excessively. These spots can be caused by allergies, insect bites, fleas, poor grooming or even an underlying ear or skin infection. An exam by a vet can help determine if it’s a hot spot and what the possible causes may be. Learn more about treatments from your veterinary clinic Anderson IN.


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