People Shampoo and Cats

Although cats may not need to get a bath as often as a dog, they still do need to be bathed from time to time. Make sure you talk to your vet head of time before using any kind of shampoo on your cat. For one things, you may discover that people shampoos or soap products be used on cats as they have sensitive skin and a sensitive sense of smell. People shampoos and soaps are designed for people and if used on cats they could cause flaky skin, dry skin and other irritations. If you’re in a pinch, use the gentlest shampoo or soap you have, but again, talk with your vet first. Shampoos and soaps specifically designed for cats are recommended most as these may include ingredients that are safe and gentle on your cat’s skin and coat. Your vets Frisco, TX can help find the best match.

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