Wrong Reasons to Bring Home a New Cat

It takes luck as well as good research and knowing your wants and own personality to make a good purchase of a pet. Not all pets will be a good match for each and every pet owner out there. So you need to decide and plan wisely when you buy yourself a new pet. It could prove disastrous, disappointing, overwhelming, or even stressful if you buy a pet based on just an impulse or based on popularity or a "trend". If you are looking to buy a cat for a pet, you should think twice or more. There are various reasons why it could be wrong for you to buy a pet cat and some of them are listed below:

● As a gift — Don't accept or give a pet cat as a gift, unless you're totally sure of the compatibility with the pet owner

● Impulsive buying decision — Don't buy a pet cat on an impulse. Buying a pet should be like buying a house: it must be sure and pre-planned

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