Hazards to Pets During Winter

Are you and your pet prepared for the coming winter months? It's a fact that changes in the weather can severely impact our beloved pets, more so during the winter months. The extreme temperature poses a major risk to the health of these pets. That is why all pet owners must be prepared ahead of the winter months and take additional preventative measures. Moreover, all owners should put safeguards for pets against hazards such as anti-freeze products as well as fireworks.

Are you aware that anti-free agents become a lot more popular during the winter months? They are likely found in your home as well, specifically in the garage where your pet dog or cat resides or likes to frequent. Anti-freeze agents are attractive to some pets because of their engaging smell as well as taste, but they can be lethal when swallowed or inhaled, so you need to store these products properly.

If you have concerns about your pet’s health and/or behavior do call your vet clinic Marietta, GA.


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