Deciphering Some Dog Behaviors

Whether you are a new dog owner or an experienced one, you might encounter one or several dog behaviors that may puzzle you from time to time. Listed below are just some of these behaviors which you may have noticed in your beloved dog in the recent past:

A spinning behavior

Have you ever seen your dog spin or walk in circles several times before they poop or defecate? There are studies that have shown that this has something to do with the magnetic field of planet Earth and the dog is trying to "align" with it. Dogs like the north-south axis as a "pooping position" instead of the east-west axis.

Sleeping behavior or preference

Dogs sleep well when they like the type of sleeping bed they have. A bumper bed is for dogs that like to curl up, while a bed with no sidings would be suitable for dogs that love to stretch themselves while sleeping.

A sudden change in your pet’s behavior should warrant an appointment with your veterinary hospital New Orleans, LA.


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