Can Cats Get Sunburn?

Yes, cats can definitely get sunburns if they are out in the sun too long. Cats tend to get sunburn on areas that aren’t covered with fur. Cats that have white on their ears may be prone to get sunburn on those white tips. If you notice that your cat has a sunburn or skin irritation, notify your vet. If your cat likes to be outside a lot, but is prone to sunburn, ask your vet about a cat safe sunscreen that can be applied to spots prone to burning. If your cat can’t wear sunscreen or some other type of protectant then you may need to have your cat wear a shirt outside. You can find t-shirts for cats online or in some pet stores. Of course, the best way to protect your cat is to keep her indoors and out of the sun. Click to learn more or contact your vet clinic Dutchess County, NY. 


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