Fatty Liver Syndrome In Cats

A cat that suddenly stops eating and loses a significant amount of weight can develop fatty liver syndrome or hepatic lipidosis. The condition is brought about when the body starts mobilizing stored fats as a source of energy. But a cat’s liver is unable to deal with burning a large amount of stored fat thus the organ can easily be overwhelmed as it is forced to keep up with the breaking down of stored fats. The problem is more common among overweight or obese middle-aged cats. However, any cats of any age can develop the problem. The condition can also occur in overweight or obese cats whose owners have started them on a weight loss program without consulting a veterinarian or pet nutritionist. Cats with pancreatitis, cancer, liver issues, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and a variety of other health issues may also suffer from hepatic lipidosis. 

If your cat needs to lose excess weight, do consult your pet clinic Oconomowoc WI before starting your pet on a weight loss regimen.


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