How to Groom Angora Rabbits

Are you one of those who are into Angora rabbits and got one? It's likely that you got an Angora rabbit as a pet because you were enamored to its truly captivating fur. The fur of an Angora rabbit is soft and it looks really luxurious, doesn't it? And did you know that the fur of Angora rabbits is used in and ideal for yarn creation?

If you are keen to keep your beloved Angora rabbit's fur smooth, in tip-top shape, and free from tangles and dirt, then you need to read on further. Grooming is vital to this, and ideally, you have learned about this "secret" before you even bought your lovely Angora rabbit. Brushing and grooming your Angora rabbit on a regular basis are important so you can maintain your Angora rabbit's hair coat in great condition. Depending on the amount of shedding of the hair coat, you would need to do this every two to three months.

Excessive shedding in rabbits should require an appointment with your animal hospital Salisbury, NC sooner rather than later.


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