Idiopathic Facial Pruritus in Persian Cats

Are you aware that Persian cats are affected by a serious type of feline acne called idiopathic facial pruritus? When a Persian cat has idiopathic facial pruritus, the hair coat, as well as the skin, get a black waxy material, and this is shown as a symmetrical arrangement on the face (particularly around the chin and the Persian cat's eyes).

The treatment of idiopathic facial pruritus includes the removal of a disproportionate amount of sebum (the oily substance created by the sebaceous gland in the cat's body) in order to avert the development of comedones, and more importantly, a secondary bacterial infection. Your vet Pembroke Pines, FL might suggest the application of an antibacterial wash product that has an active ingredient called chlorhexidine. In many mild cases, this simple treatment would be enough to do the job. A fungal medication or antibiotic therapy might be needed for cases with a secondary bacterial infection. Visit this website Davie Creek Animal Hospital to learn more.


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