My Senior Dog Roams A Lot

Do you own a senior dog? Have you noticed that he likes to roam around the home a lot? If so, schedule a check up for your dog with your local vet. As dogs age they begin to show signs of their body slowing down and giving out. Some dogs lose their hearing while other dogs lose their sight. Some may lose both completely or partially. Failing senses can cause your dog to wander or roam a lot primarily because he can no longer gage where he’s at by sight and sound. He may roam around until he runs into something familiar such as another pet or you his person. If he can partially hear or see then he may roam around until he recognizes his surroundings or hears something familiar. Limit his roaming space so he can adjust to a smaller environment and become less anxious. Talk with your veterinarians Coon Rapids, MN for more suggestions.


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