How Often Should My Cat Receive Booster Shots?

Years or decades ago, the general practice was to give booster vaccines or shots on an annual basis or once a year. But recent studies have shown that giving a booster shot of a specific vaccine on a yearly basis is not needed. Booster shots are needed depending on various factors such as the health status of the pet or animal involved, the pet's lifestyle, as well as the type of vaccine that needs to be administered to the pet. There are some vaccines, particularly vaccines for viruses, that provide protection for as long as three years. On the other hand, some vaccines, such as vaccines for bacteria, need to be given on a yearly basis to the pet to help boost its own immunity from certain diseases.

These days, many experts suggest giving a full booster series every one to three years to adult cats that have completed their required vaccines as kittens, but this would be subject to lifestyle risk assessment.

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