Do Dogs See in the Dark?

Have you ever wondered if dogs can see in the dark? Well, some can see very well while others may have a little trouble when it gets too dark. If your dog is trotting out the door at night with no fear then chances are he can see pretty well. Generally speaking, dogs see in the dark a lot better than people do. How? Dogs actually have larger pupils in their eyes that allow more light in. This has some vets believing that dogs have a more sensitive retina that adjusts to lower light levels unlike the retina of people. The main reason for a dog’s night vision, however, is the mirror-like structure in the back of their eyes called the tapetum. The tapetum reflects light and improves the dog’s vision in dark settings. If your dog has trouble seeing at night or even in the day then you may want to check in with your vet Ashburn, VA.

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