Constipation In Pet Reptiles

Reptiles suffering from constipation have infrequent bowel movements. The problem is quite common among bearded dragons but can affect any reptile species. Affected reptiles also lack an appetite. The most common cause of constipation in reptiles is the formation of a urate mass in the cloaca that causes an obstruction in the colon and cloaca leading to constipation. Unlike mammals whose urine is in liquid form, the urine of reptiles is semi-solid and is known as urates. Urates are the white or yellowish-white semi-solid part of the reptile’s feces. The cloaca of reptiles (also called the vent) is a common passageway for feces and urates during elimination from the body. Eggs and babies also pass out of the reptile’s body through the opening of their cloaca. 

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