Taking a Road Trip with Your Dog

Does your dog like to take road trips? If so, then taking a road trip can be a fun adventure for you and your dog. When prepping for a road trip, make sure you pack all the essentials for yourself and your dog. Here’s a sample of what you should bring for your dog: water, food, water bowl, food bowl, extra leash just in case, potty trash bags, toys, medications if needed, and a copy of your dog’s recent vaccinations. If you’re taking an overnight road trip, make sure you call ahead to hotels to find out if they allow dogs and what the fee is. Some hotels charge a fee per dog while other hotels charge a flat fee. Find out the fee first so you can plan ahead of the extra expense. While traveling try to take a stop or rest break every two hours so your dog can potty and stretch his legs. Click for more tips or call your vet Aurora, CO.


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