How to Clean Pet Stains

Pet stains can be a tough situation for dog owners especially if they own puppies or seniors. Puppies are in the beginning stages of learning to potty train so the accidents may start out as many but soon dwindle down to just a few. Senior dogs can also have potty accidents. These often start out as few and develop into many due to age. As a side note, if you have a senior that has trouble going to the bathroom outside then talk to your vet about using a dog diaper to help. When it comes to pet stains the main thing you want to do is remove the stain and the odor. Make sure you look for cleaning solutions that offer both stain and odor remover. Look for pet friendly cleaners that are high strength in cleaning stains and odors. All natural choices can be great just make sure they will address the odor as well as the stain. Give your animal hospital Aurora, CO a call for additional tips.


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