Environmental Factors May Cause Your Cat To Gag

Have you seen your beloved cat gag before? What could be causing this gagging reflex? Cats may gag because of certain reasons such as smelling an item or food that has a strong, overpowering, or unpleasant smell. Cats gag as a way to ward off any foreign material from getting inside the body, particularly the lungs. If you have seen your beloved furry feline friend gag in a constant or consistent manner recently, it might be time for you to find out what is causing the gagging issue. Take a serious look around your house and especially the environment your cat is staying in, and you would likely see the possible culprits. You can watch out for the following:

Perfume — Cats don't like strong-smelling scents including perfumes as well as colognes and body sprays.

Essential oil diffuser — The diffuser emits tiny essential oil droplets in the air and these could attach to the cat's hair coat or fur.

Since there is a possibility that gagging can be a red flag of a more serious issue, an appointment with your animal hospital Goodyear AZ is recommended. 


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