Tips For A Hassle-Free Bath-Time For Your Cat

Did you know that cats have built-in grooming tools? Yes, they use their tongue and teeth to tackle their grooming needs every single day. However, even with your pet’s fastidious grooming habits, he will still need some grooming assistance. Brushing your pet’s hair coat gets rid of loose hair before he can swallow while self-grooming. You may also need to give your pet a bath when he gets into something sticky or foul-smelling. Here are some tips to ensure fewer hassles during bathtime with your furball:

  • Let your cat burn off some steam before a bath. Playing with a prey toy can tire them down so they would be calm enough for a bath.
  • Be sure to trim your pet’s claws before bathing to protect yourself.
  • Before bathing, give your cat’s hair coat a good brushing to remove loose, tangled, and matted hair.
  • Protect your pet from slipping by placing a rubber mat on the floor of the tub or sink before filling it up with lukewarm water ( at least 3-4 inches).
  • Keep the water out of your pet’s ears by gently placing some cotton.

You can talk with your vet London, ON for any recommendations for a shampoo that’s safe for your pet.


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