Non-Medical Treatment of Acral Lick Granuloma In Dogs

A dog that is affected by the acral lick syndrome will tend to spend so much time licking, chewing, or grooming a certain spot in their body (the area between the foot and the leg). This exaggerated licking or grooming can bring about skin irritation in the affected area. If you do not bring this to your preferred vet's attention and no intervention is done, this exaggerated licking and grooming can result in the formation of what is called granulomas in the affected area. Acral lick syndrome is said to be of psychological origin so it might be hard to get rid of, in many cases.

If your dog has a milder case of acral lick syndrome, you can use the simple non-medical treatments shared below:

● Give your dog lots of physical and mental stimulation to keep the dog busy.

● Spend more time with your pets for great bonding sessions and interactions.

Work closely with your vet clinic Cy-Fair in keeping the behavior and eventually the symptoms under control.


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