What to Know When Buying a Chinchilla

Are you looking to buy a chinchilla? If so, make sure you talk with your vet and pet store associate to learn as much as possible about the exotic creature. Knowing about the pet beforehand can help you decide which one to buy and if you should buy one at all. The chinchilla is often thought to be a type of rodent. He is roughly the size of a ground squirrel. In some cases he may be larger. You can typically find chinchillas at larger chain pet stores. You may find them at smaller stores, but you should call ahead of time just in case they don’t carry them. Chinchillas may be in ‘stock’ at certain times of the year as well. You can also search online for reputable breeders to buy from. Ask your vet if he knows of any area breeders. Click to learn more or call your vet Santa Rosa, CA for assistance. 


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