Why Are My Dog's Eyes Red?

Red eyes are not normal in dogs, thus if you notice your pet’s eyes are red, you should seek veterinary attention immediately. There are many causes of red eyes in dogs which include the following:

Allergies - There are many types of allergies in dogs, but environmental allergies are common triggers of eye irritation, causing them to become red. Top allergens in the environment are dust and pollen. Allergies of this type are generally seasonal.

Corneal ulcers - Infections or trauma to the eyes can possibly cause corneal ulcers. The affected eye appears red as new blood vessels are formed on the corneal surfaces which is the body’s response to healing the ulcer.

Conjunctivitis - Also called ‘pink eye’, conjunctivitis refers to the inflammation of the conjunctiva, the tissue that lines the inner part of the eyelids, and the sclera. The problem is usually a result of an underlying infection or eye problem. It’s contagious and dogs can easily get them when they are in close contact with infected dogs.

Any sign of an eye problem should warrant a visit to your pet hospital Bend, OR


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