Why Pets Should Undergo X-Rays

X-rays or radiographic examinations are an important diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. In many cases, there may be a need to sedate the animal patient before an X-ray procedure. Sedation is beneficial for both the patient and the medical staff that are attending to the animal. Minimal restraint means lesser exposure of the medical staff to the harmful X-rays which is essential for safety. Also, sedating a dog or cat may help reduce stress as well as ease pain, which is important for the animal’s safety. Proper positioning is very important during X-ray exams and requires the patient to be still and compliant. The type of injury, location, and the initial diagnosis of the veterinarian will dictate how many images are required. Even with CT scans and more advanced imaging, X-rays continue to be helpful as an initial diagnostic tool.

If you have any concerns about X-rays for your pet, consult your vet Acupuncture.


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