Crested Gecko Care

Crested geckos are nocturnal creatures. This means they are most active during the night. To avoid subjecting them to stressful conditions during the day when they are sleeping and resting, create an enclosure that is filled with a variety of plants (live or artificial, non-toxic). There should be lots of hiding places and branches for your pet to hang out. An ideal habitat encourages crested geckos to engage in natural behaviors. Their prehensile tail can wrap around branches or other objects. But they shouldn’t be picked up or held by the tail as they can ‘drop’ it off as a protective instinct to escape. Unlike lizards, crested geckos don’t grow back their tails.

Among the different species of reptiles that are kept as pets, crested geckos are just some of the easiest to care for which makes them ideal for beginners. Their feeding and housing needs are relatively straightforward. They are omnivores and will thrive with a complete and balanced that contains both plants and animal sources.

If you have questions and/or concerns about your pet, visit this site, or call your animal hospital Wichita, KS. 


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