How many calories do cats needs per day?

Do you want to know the number of calories your cat would need on a daily basis? The caloric count would depend on several factors such as your cat's size, age, as well as activity level. Cats vary in terms of size, so you need to align your beloved cat's feeding program with his specific dietary needs.

A general rule you can follow is this: the number of calories needed by your cat on a daily basis would be dependent on his life stage. Young cats and kittens are in a life stage wherein they are still in growth mode and therefore they would need more calories; specifically as much as 275 calories on a daily basis. On the other hand, adult cats are mostly past the "growth stage" unlike their young counterparts and therefore they may consume between 200 and 300 calories on a daily basis, and this would depend on their activity level and size as well.

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