Mercury Poisoning In Dogs

Mercury is the second most poisonous substance on earth after Plutonium. When it comes to mercury, there is no safe level of the element in the body. It can cause damage to the cellular components and harm the DNA. So how does mercury cause disease in dogs?

Endocrine system

Mercury and other types of heavy metals are extremely toxic to the endocrine system of animals and even humans. It can cause havoc in the integrity and function of the endocrine glands and causing a serious imbalance in the body’s state of health. 


Exposure to heavy metals has been linked to many thyroid issues. Mercury acts against enzymes that help convert T4 to T3 which can eventually lead to hypothyroidism or Hashimoto disease. 

Accelerates aging

Mercury obstructs the glutathione pathway causing the immune system to be compromised. Without the powerful antioxidant pathway, harmful radicals are free to move into the cells and cause a disease process in the most basic core of the body, as well as aging. 

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