Lice in Cattle

Just like mites, lice can infest cattle and is, therefore, a huge problem for these animals and their respective owners particularly during the winter months when they are housed and stay close to each other (making the transmission to other animals much easier). When lice have infested cattle, the herd would have a poor leather quality and overall performance.

Lice that affect cattle fall under two main species: the biting lice as well as the sucking lice. The species of biting lice love to feed on skin debris, scabs, as well as the blood of cattle. Biting lice tend to be found more on the rump, back, shoulders, as well as the neck area of cattle, but they can also be found in others part of the cattle’s body. Meanwhile, sucking lice love to feed on the blood and can bring about anemia to cattle if there is a serious infestation.

Talk to your vet clinic Dahlonega GA about the best way to protect your cattle from lice and other external parasites.


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