Important Reasons To Have Pet Rabbits Spayed or Neutered

Pregnancy prevention is the top reason why rabbits are spayed (females) or neutered (males). This is especially important if both male and female rabbits are housed together. Both these procedures involve the surgical removal of a rabbit’s reproductive organs. Aside from the prevention of pregnancy, there are medical reasons for neutering and spaying of pet rabbits. These include the following:

  • Protects female rabbits from uterine cancer. The cases of uterine adenocarcinoma (a type of malignant uterine cancer) have been recorded to reach almost 80% in some rabbit populations. Some breeds of rabbits are more predisposed to the problem. 
  • Prevention of false pregnancies in female rabbits. Hormonal imbalances can increase a female rabbit’s risk of undergoing a period of false pregnancy which can be very stressful for them. 
  • Prevention of mammary gland disease - Breast cancer is rare in female rabbits but when it does occur, the spread is very rapid and it’s very challenging to treat.
  • Prevention of aggressive behavior particularly in mature male and female rabbits. Neutering at the onset of puberty or sexual maturity can significantly minimize aggressive tendencies. 
  • Prevention of spraying urine on vertical surfaces, a distinct rabbit behavior to mark territory. 
  • Prevention of testicular disease in male rabbits. 

Your veterinarian Middletown, DE is a valuable source of information about the spaying and neutering of pets. 

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