Why Do Dogs Circle around Before They Do Their Business ?

Dogs have a handful of peculiar habits that can keep many pet owners wondering if these behaviors are normal or not. One of these is circling around and sniffing the ground before doing their business. While animal behaviorists have not been able to fully explain the behavior, there are theories that have been forwarded.

● Dogs do it to mark their territories- A dog’s poop or urine contains their signature smell, which they use to claim and mark their territories. Circling the area is like making a boundary with their scent which can warn other dogs that they have staked their claim to the area. 

● Circling may be a way to make sure that they are eliminating in a clean spot. While circling the area, their paws can trample and flatten the grasses to create a spot where they can do their thing. 

● There are experts who believe that the dog’s movements before elimination are an effort to align their body with the North-South axis.

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