Can I Give My Cat Tuna?

Your cat can definitely have tuna as long as its given in moderation. What kind of tuna? Canned tuna that has been drained and rinsed in water or canned tuna that is stored in water can be given to your cat in small amounts. It should be more of a treat or a food topper to entice eating. Tuna should not be fed as meal and not given long term. As for raw tuna, you can feed your tuna sushi grade tuna only if approved by your vet. If the vet approves this as a treat then it should be given only as a treat and not given in large amounts. Your vet should be consulted when it comes to any diet changes or additions for your cat. Tuna contains high levels of fatty acids and can cause depletion of vitamin E in cats. Learn more from your vet clinic Covington, GA. Or click this link:


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