Exercise For Diabetic Dogs

If you have a diabetic dog, you should know by now that you need to keep your dog healthy at an ideal weight. Your diabetic dog must maintain an ideal weight because obesity can exacerbate the problems of diabetes or make diabetes itself worse. If you have an overweight dog that is also diabetic, you need to help reduce his weight down to a much healthier level if you want to make his condition and life a lot better.

Diabetic or not, exercise or physical activity is a must. In fact, it's a critical factor that can help keep the diabetes of your beloved furry canine friend under control. By controlling the food your dog eats combined with doing exercise or physical activities, you will be able to help your dog burn excess calories and reduce weight. Exercise will also help keep your dog's blood glucose levels within a normal range.

Work closely with your vet London, ON in managing your pet’s condition to avoid serious complications. Set an appointment here:


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