Destructive Chewing in a Puppy

Chewing is a behavior inherent in dogs and young puppies but it can also turn into an unacceptable behavior problem in dogs if left unchecked. Chewing can get intense especially when the puppy is in a teething stage, which usually happens between five to nine months of age. Since chewing is an inherent behavior in dogs, there is no way you can get rid of chewing in dogs and all you can do is manage the chewing behavior by giving your beloved furry canine friend something to keep him busy chewing (like chew toys). There are a variety of chew toys you can choose from and available in most dog and pet stores. Focus on buying ones that are safe to chew.

Without chew toys, a dog or puppy could put his attention on chewing stuff in your home, such as the furniture, the carpet, or even an electric cord. To combat this unacceptable behavior, you need to employ positive reinforcement.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s behavior, speak to your vet London, ON.


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