Fatty Liver Disease in Cats

Did you know that cats are prone to a variety of different health conditions? Some may be minor while others may be more severe. One health concern that occurs a little more frequently than other conditions is fatty liver disease. Also known as Hepatic Lipidosis, this disease is often a genetic disorder or the result of other illnesses already present in the cat. Fatty liver occurs when large amounts of fat are deposited into the liver at a time when the body believes the cat is starving and in need of fat storage for survival. The liver becomes overloaded with the fatty tissue and fails to work correctly causing it to shutdown. The liver serves as a filter in the cat’s body, when it shuts down toxins can back up into the cat’s system causing the abdomen to swell and the eyes to yellow. If your cat is experiencing any of these signs, please call your Washington DV vet immediately.

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