Flystrike In Rabbits

Flystrike in rabbits occurs when flies lay eggs on the fur and skin of rabbits. In time, the eggs will hatch into maggots and this is when the problem starts as the maggots feed on the tissues of the rabbit. Affected rabbits suffer from extreme pain. If the problem is not caught early, it could be fatal.

Flystrike can affect any rabbit, but those with the highest risks are rabbits with dirty behinds, wounds, fur that is constantly moist, and poor grooming. Senior rabbits that are suffering from arthritis and have poor flexibility may be unable to groom themselves properly. Loose stool can also attract the flies to the rabbit’s bottom. Any open wound or break in the skin surface of the rabbit is a magnet for the flies. The fly population tends to increase during the warmer months of summer. This is when cases of flystrike hit an all-time high.

Checking your pet rabbit at least twice a day and treating any injuries immediately is very important to prevent flystrike. But if your pet rabbit is already affected, a trip to your animal hospital Anderson, IN should be made immediately.

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