Abscess Can Develop From Bite Wounds In Cats

A cat’s claws and teeth are primary defense weapons when push comes to shove and they have to fight it out for dear life. Unfortunately, bite wounds are not easily noticeable. The skin of the puncture wounds made by the sharp teeth of cats can close up in 2-3 days time. However, the deep puncture wound under the skin continues to fester as bacteria from the cat’s mouth multiply and cause infection. The pus that is formed will eventually form a lump on the skin surface. This is often the time that cat parents can detect the abscess while grooming or cuddling with their cat. Cats that roam outdoors can easily get into fights with other cats, making them more prone to abscess formation. If you have an indoor-outdoor cat, you should make a habit of checking his body regularly for any signs of bite wounds, lumps, or bumps. Any potential problem should be brought to the attention of your best vets Anderson, IN.


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