Earth-Friendly Cat Litter - Paper Litter For Cats

More and more pet owners are "going green", "going natural", or becoming eco-friendly or earth-friendly to help save our one-and-only precious planet Earth. There is a growing movement of cat owners that are using as well as switching to cat litter that is created from plants as well as plant byproducts. The demand for plant-based cat litter and cat litter that is made from plant byproducts is growing, but supply is having a hard time keeping up with such demand. The good thing, though, is you can find other eco-friendly cat litter substitutes such as silica pellets, wood, as well as paper litters. 

Paper litter is quite common and you can find many that are made out of old newspapers, reclaimed paper mill products, as well as recycled paper. Paper litter is usually bought as pellets. They are lightweight as well as biodegradable.

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