Possible Causes Of Vomiting In Dogs

Vomiting can be a problem that could affect many or most dogs. When a dog vomits all of a sudden, the reason could be the dog has eaten something he shouldn't that is gross. Another potential reason why a dog would vomit could be a blockage in one place or another in the dog's gastrointestinal tract. Still, vomiting could be a result of bloating which is brought about by "twisting" of the dog's stomach.

Dogs love to scavenge and they like to try and taste anything they think is palatable or tasty. For instance, gastroenteritis can happen if the dog eats something dirty or some decaying matter found in the neighborhood. A dog can also vomit if he has eaten food that is fatty. Moreover, a dog can also vomit if he has eaten a non-food item, especially a poison. Vomiting can also be a result of liver diseases, diabetes, parasites, or infection.

Persistent vomiting in dogs or vomiting that is accompanied by other symptoms should require an appointment with your most pupular vets Tampa FL.


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