Dont’s Of Car Safety For Dogs

Dogs that are riding in cars should be adequately protected from potential dangers that could also put the other passengers at risk. Here are important things that you should avoid when driving with your dog. 

● Don’t let your dog hang out the car window. He could be hit by debris and flying objects that could cause serious injury. If you want your dog to feel the wind as you cruise, just roll the window down a bit to let in some fresh air. 

● Never leave your dog unattended in the car during extreme weather. When it’s very outside, the temperature inside the car can easily skyrocket making it unbearable to dogs and even humans. When driving, use your car’s air conditioner or heater so everyone in the car will be comfortable. 

● Carrying your dog on the back of a ute is not recommended but if it cannot be helped, make sure that he’s placed inside a roofed crate with adequate ventilation on the sides and protection from the elements. 

You should take your pet to your local pet clinic Marietta GA to ensure that all vaccinations and preventative measures are up to date.


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