Food Factors To Consider For Senior Cats

There are 3 main goals to consider when choosing food for senior cats. These include the following:

● Foods that help maintain their overall health and keep them within a healthy weight

● Foods that help slow down or prevent chronic medical conditions

● Foods that can help alleviate symptoms of any pre-existing conditions

Other factors that should be taken into consideration include the food’s taste and texture, as well as it’s moisture content. It’s actually these factors that cats take into consideration when choosing food. 

One of the important effects of aging is the deterioration of important senses. That’s is why wet or canned food appeals better to cats because their stronger smell and softer texture make them more appealing to your senior cat’s senses. But cats that have been eating kibble all their lives, may not find canned food as appealing. To avoid this problem later in a cat’s life, it’s a good idea to introduce dry and canned pet food with various flavors and textures while cats are still young. 

Do consult your veterinary clinic Tampa FL before making any changes to your pet’s diet. 


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