Lost Cat

If your cat gets out of the house and becomes lost, please call your vet immediately for help. Having your cat disappear from your yard or not come back after being out all day can make you feel anxious, nervous and scared. Give her a little time and if she doesn’t return then try the following suggestions. First, start looking in the last place you saw your cat or in the direction your cat went last. If you didn’t see him escape, check your own house first then the area surrounding your house. Alert animal control, police departments, neighbors, and animal shelters within a 20 mile radius. If your cat has a microchip, contact the microchip tracking company to make sure they have your most recent information. When you head out to search make sure you have treats, a leash, and water. Put up missing dog posters within a one to two mile radius as well. Learn more from your animal hospital Rochester, NY.


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