Stenciling on Cats

Are you familiar with stenciling on cats? What about chalking? Both of these are an old yet new concept that is offered at grooming salons across the U.S. It is becoming a popular choice for pet owners looking to add a little something different and even colorful to their cat’s coat. Stenciling is a little different from chalking. Chalking is just drawing on your cat’s coat or adding some splash of color here and there. Stenciling is similar but it goes a little further and involves creating actual designs with letters and shapes. Stenciling is safe and non toxic process. The colors used in stenciling are completely washable. The paints, chalks, or markers used to stencil will not harm your cat’s coat. If you want to try this on your cat, but you’re not sure then give your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY a call for tips and suggestions.


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