Alopecia in Rabbits?

Alopecia, the scientific term for hair loss, among rabbits is known to be caused primarily by four causes: fur mites, ringworm, behavior-fueled, and sebaceous adenitis.

● The type of fur mite peculiar to rabbits is known as Cheyletiella. These mites are notorious for causing affected rabbits with dry, scaly skin that can lead to itchy dermatitis, affecting your pet’s trunk, neck, abdomen, and hind end.

● Ringworm is a skin condition caused by a fungal infection. It typically leaves bald spots on the rabbit’s body. However, young rabbits are more prone to the infection because of their not-yet developed immune system.

● Barbering is the behavioral condition that causes dominant rabbits to pull out hair from submissive ones. The condition is caused when rabbits do not have enough fiber in their diet and or when they are overcrowded in a pen.

● Sebaceous adenitis has similar symptoms to ringworm, which leaves scaly and flaky skin lesions around the face of the rabbit. These lesions, however, are not itchy.

● Should you find your pet rabbit developing any kind of skin condition, do not hesitate to have it immediately checked by the local vet clinic Cy-Fair.


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