How Retained Baby Teeth Affect Your Cats And Dogs

The natural cycle of teeth in our pet cats and dogs is for the baby teeth (known as deciduous) to fall out making way for the adult teeth to grow in. However, there are cases where baby teeth do not fall out. While not a serious condition, it will still need some medical attention. Not having baby teeth fall out may be something that most owners don’t notice, regardless, if you regularly have your pet checked for wellness the attending veterinarian will like have it removed. In kittens, baby teeth tend to fall out naturally at around 3-4 months old, 4-5 months old among puppies. All the baby teeth are expected to have fallen out at the 6-month mark. With retained teeth conditions the adult teeth have a tendency to be misaligned. There are a number of complications that can arise. The animal may be unable to eat properly. The adult teeth may sometimes stick out making it difficult to close the mouth completely, it may even rub on the animal’s palate or gums, which can cause bleeding, and infection. All of which makes for a very painful experience.

Make an appointment with your animal hospital Cornelius NC if you notice symptoms of dental problems exhibited by your dog. 


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