Testing Your Ferret for Heartworms

Did you know that heartworms can affect Cinnamon Ferrets in much the same way it affects dogs and cats? With this in mind, you should talk to your vet and schedule a wellness exam for your ferret that includes a heartworm test. If your ferret tests negative then you can go ahead and have your vet place your ferret on a monthly heartworm prevention program. If your ferret tests positive then aggressive treatment is needed to treat heartworms. Due to a ferret’s size, heartworm treatment is not always effective. Ferrets that get to go on heartworm prevention will most likely swallow or chew a pill once a month. Heartworms can happen quickly are they are extremely dangerous. It’s safe to assume all ferrets could get heartworms. For this reason, protect your ferret on matter what and take him to your vet clinic Wichita KS.


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